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Discover a piece of nautical history at the Barquentine Mercator, anchored in the heart of d'Ostend. This magnificent sailing ship has traversed the world's seas and now serves as a museum ship, where visitors can experience what life at sea was like in the early 20th century.

What can you expect on board the Barquentine Mercator?

An Unforgettable Experience on the Barquentine Mercator

Step aboard the Barquentine Mercator and dive into the world of sailors and explorers.

Practical Information

Whether you're interested in maritime history, love ships, or are just looking for a unique experience, the Barquentine Mercator offers a fascinating glimpse into life at sea.

Furthermore Three-master Mercator is near the following sights: St. Peter and Paul Church (±350 m), Mu.Zee (±350 m), Museum Ship Amandine (±400 m), Marina Ostend (±400 m) & Leopoldpark (±450 m).

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