Events in Ostend

In the summer there is almost daily something organized (the region of) Ostend. Under which the various markets, folklore, music performances and various sporting events where you can look at or to which you can join.

Oktoberfoor - Funfair in Oostende

Who didn’t like it as a child to be swirled around in a carousel or to get sticky from some cotton candy. In Oostende it is still possible every year, early October.

Champagne Weekend


This noble drink is very amply represented in De Branding. You can spend an entire weekend getting to know the French champagne growers. This weekend comes with a champagne package and a champagne menu.

Boulevard de Champagne

Wie droomt van een reisje naar de Champagnestreek kan zijn hart ophalen, want de Champagnestreek komt gewoon naar jou toe. Oostende wordt omgetoverd tot Reims aan de Belgische kust, met het exclusieve champagne-event Boulevard de Champagne: een weekend vol Franse ...

Intrede Sint in Oostende


The Leopoldpark in Oostende is covered, and forms the backdrop of a magical wintry landscape. Come inside, and be amazed by the beautiful scenery, enchanted lights and the fantastic decor of Winter Ice. In other words: Winterijs is an unforgettable experience not to be missed!


New Year's plunge

The New Year's Dive in Ostend was organized in 1987 for the first time. A polar bear club from Deinze asked the Ostend municipality to make an exception to the prohibition to swim in the North Sea during winter period. Nowadays more than 6,000 polar bears brave the cold water, this event has by ...

Ostend at Anchor

Eind mei

Big maritime event with more than 150 classic sailing vessels participating, and numerous performances and entertainment. Year after year, this festival attracts hundreds of sailors of classic ships. With barely twenty ships in the first edition it is now a big puzzle to find a spot for the more than 150 ships in an ...

Beer by the sea

Weekend in juni

The terraces on the sea front are all about the Belgian Beer by the sea (formerly Beer Weekend). You won’t forget it. Everywhere you’ll look, there will be beer. A weekend with a friendly atmosphere and a full programme. It’s a weekend you shouldn’t miss. Zeedijk & several ...

A l'Ostendaise

Van het leven aan boord van een vissersvaartuig tot de vis op de bord. We creëren een ontdekkingsroute langs de maritieme locaties van Oostende.

Sand Sculpture Festival

Artists from around the world create a world in sand, full of emotions and adventure. Discover this exceptional exhibition during the Sand Sculpture Festival in Ostend.

Fireworks festival

The Fireworks festival on the beach of Ostend attracts tens of thousands of visitors each year. During the International Fireworks festival Ostend there are beautiful and spectacular firework displays. If you are planning to visit Ostend for a week, this ...

Oostende Koerse

In juli en augustus

Elke maandag in juli en augustus kan je de paardenrennen op de Wellington Renbaan live meemaken. Er is extra animatie voor kinderen. En de volwassenen? Die kunnen natuurlijk een gokje wagen!

Theater by the Sea

Theater by the Sea is a ten-day theater and music festival in the Belgian seaside town of Ostend. This festival takes place every year The festival presents ten days of performing arts (theater, dance, performance) in a quirky combination of music, literature, ...


Begin augustus

The 'Paulusfeesten' is Ostend's most famous city festival, which has been held annually since 1972 near the St. Peter and St. Paul church. Each year, the Paulusfeesten create a particular theme that stirs up the city and its inhabitants. ...

North Sea Beer Festival

Het North Sea Beer Festival verzamelt vele brouwerijen en bierfirma's evenals diverse restaurants en foodtrucks in het prachtige Leopoldpark in Oostende. Naast food en bier staan er ook enkele optredens gepland en enkele dj-sets. Vandaag en morgen kan je nog gaan proeven van een ...

Film Festival Ostend


Every September, Ostend becomes the place to be for every film enthusiast. The festival ensures the presentation of the latest previews of national and international public films, and will show a lot of independent cinema as well. Additionally, FFO has also ample attention to homegrown talent by means of ...

Heritage Days

Tweede zondag van september

The annually held Heritage Days Flanders takes place in the beginning of September. Places where art and culture was emerged and experienced is the bottom line of the program again. Can't wait to see what's in the program? Then take a look at the theme notes in which the theme is presented. Already mark early August ...

Oktoberfoor - Funfair in Oostende


Who didn’t like it as a child to be swirled around in a carousel or to get sticky from some cotton candy. In Oostende it is still possible every year, early October.