Cycling in Ostend

Ostend, the largest coastal town in Belgium, offers a variety of cycling routes that explore the beautiful surroundings. Here are some places and natural areas in the vicinity that are worth visiting by bike:

  1. Bruges: A bike ride to historical Bruges is a must-do. The ride takes you along canals and through picturesque villages.

  2. De Haan: This charming coastal village has a nostalgic atmosphere with its Belle Époque architecture. It's a pleasant bike ride along the coast from Ostend.

  3. Fort Napoleon: Just east of Ostend, this historical fort offers a glimpse into the region's military past.

  4. Raversyde Nature Park: This nature park is a wonderful mix of forests, dunes, and ponds. It also has an open-air museum with some historical fishermen's huts.

  5. The Paelsteenveld in Bredene: This beautiful nature area offers a variety of landscapes, from dunes to forests. There are several cycling routes available.

  6. De Grote Keignaert: A protected nature area near Ostend, ideal for a peaceful bike ride.

  7. The Snaaskerke Bridge: This picturesque bridge is a popular photo spot and offers a beautiful view over the Plassendale-Nieuwpoort canal.

  8. Nieuwpoort: This is a short ride to the north along the coast. Nieuwpoort is a vibrant seaside resort with plenty to see and do.

  9. Diksmuide: This city on the Yser has a rich history, especially from World War I, and is a nice bike ride inland from Ostend.

Ostend and the surrounding region offer a range of experiences, from historical sites to beautiful nature, all easily accessible by bike.

Fietsen in Ostend

Discover the Cycle Paths and Coastal Roads of Ostend

For many travellers, Ostend conjures images of sun-kissed beaches and the soothing sound of the sea. However, this picturesque coastal town has more to offer than just its beautiful coastline. Ostend is a true gem for cycling enthusiasts, with countless kilometres of safe and scenic cycle paths and roads.

The cycling paths in Ostend offer a diversity of views that are unparalleled. You can be enchanted by the stunning coastal routes that lead you through majestic dune areas, or you can opt for the tranquil country lanes that take you to the peaceful countryside. Along the way, you will discover charming, characteristic villages where time seems to have stood still.

The extensive and safe cycle paths in Ostend provide the perfect environment for a leisurely cycle ride, whether you are alone, with a partner, or with the whole family. In Ostend, there is so much to discover on a bicycle that you will continually see and experience new things. So, hop on your bike and discover the hidden beauty of Ostend.

Bike Rental

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