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Immerse yourself in the world of the famous Belgian artist James Ensor at the James Ensor House in Ostend. This museum, located in the former home and studio of Ensor, offers a unique glimpse into the life and art of one of the most intriguing figures in art history.

What can you expect at the James Ensor House in Ostend?

Step into the world of a masterful artist

The James Ensor House is not just a museum but also a source of inspiration and a unique opportunity to experience Ensor's artistic spirit.

Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply curious about the historical context of Ensor's work, the James Ensor House offers a fascinating and enriching experience.

Furthermore James Ensor House is near the following sights: City Museum Ostend (±200 m), Casino Ostend (±300 m), Kursaal Oostende (±350 m), Fish Market (±450 m) & Leopoldpark (±450 m).

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Vlaanderenstraat 29, Oostende
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