New Year's plunge 2024

eventsBegin januari

The New Year's Dive (Polar Bear Plunge) in Ostend was organized in 1987 for the first time. A polar bear club from Deinze asked the d'Ostend municipality to make an exception to the prohibition to swim in the North Sea during winter period. Nowadays more than 6,000 polar bears brave the cold water, this event has by far become the largest polar bear dive in the country.

During the New Year's Dive, all the participants brave the cold North Sea water to freeze the hangover from the New Year festivities and enter a new healthy year. Some polar bears are dressed in the craziest costumes when they venture into the North Sea. It may be that you come across a familiar face in bikini or swimming shorts...

Start 2023: 15:00 hrs.


Strand t.h.v. De Drie Gapers