New Year's plunge 2025

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It all began in 1987 when a polar bear club from Deinze requested an exception to the winter swimming ban in Ostend. What started as a modest event has now evolved into an iconic tradition: the New Year's Dip. As the country's largest polar bear plunge, it annually attracts over 6000 eager participants.

Freeze and Experience

The event is more than just a dive into the chilly North Sea. It's a celebration of bravery and community spirit. Participants brave the cold waters not only to overcome the end-of-year hangover but also to kick off the new year in a refreshing and healthy manner.

A Sea of Costumes

One of the highlights of the New Year's Dip is the parade of costumes. While some opt for traditional swimwear, others dive into the sea decked out in the most colourful and imaginative outfits. From superheroes to fairytale characters, the spectacle is a feast for the eyes. And keep a sharp lookout, as you might just spot a familiar face among the crowd in their swimming gear!

Start 2024: 15:00 hrs.

What time / Opening hours

From 15:00 hours.


Strand t.h.v. De Drie Gapers