Paulusfeesten 2022

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The 'Paulusfeesten' is Ostend's most famous city festival, which has been held annually since 1972 near the St. Peter and St. Paul church.

Each year, the Paulusfeesten create a particular theme that stirs up the city and its inhabitants. A very alternative form of art is presented over the course of a week. There's a lot of attention for non-commercial music, poetry, children's entertainment and other shows. The festival gets over 70,000 visitors every year.

The festivals are organized on different locations: the Paul's square (the home of the all parties), the Petrus- & Paulusplein and the Boudewijnplein. Sociability is key.

Location: St.Petrus- & Paulusplein



marker St.Petrus- & Paulusplein

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