Oktoberfoor - Funfair in Oostende 2024


Every year since 1972, Ostend transforms around the Sint Petrus and Paulus Church during the Paulusfeesten. These festivities are not just an event but symbolise tradition, community spirit, and cultural diversity. With a rich history dating back to the early '70s, the Paulusfeesten attract over 70,000 visitors annually.

Themes that Touch and Inspire

Every year features a unique theme that resonates not only with the city of Ostend, but also its residents and visitors. These themes serve as a source of inspiration for a week filled with alternative artistic expressions. Whether it's innovative musical performances, profound poetry, captivating spectacles, or interactive children's animations, the Paulusfeesten has something for everyone.

Various Squares, One Festive Atmosphere

The festivities are spread across multiple locations, including the historic Pauluspleintje where it all began. But the expansive Petrus & Paulus Square and the lively Boudewijnplein also contribute to the jubilation. Despite the variety of venues, there's one common feature that stands out everywhere: the unmatched conviviality so characteristic of the Paulusfeesten in Ostend. Experience it for yourself and immerse in the magic of this annual city celebration!


Sint-Petrus-en-Paulusplein, Oostende